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Girls shocking things in train

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Girls Shocking Thing In A train.Ultimately they got succeeded in their dirty plans and went away the enjoyness. Do you know what they did in train just watch this you will definitely shock after watching this. h...

Tammanah dress in bahubali pre release gets less marks

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Whenever there is a filmy event, heroines attend the event in trendy outfits.  In fact, the attention of the audience will be more on the their stylish dresses rather than their fluent English speech. Because most of ...

Samantha also doing same as pawan

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Power Star Pawan Kalyan's costumes in his latest film 'Katama Rayudu' are completely different.  Unlike his usual costumes,  he choose handloom clothes because he is doing the story in a village backdrop.  On the othe...

Katamarayudu mixed talk director clarification

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Nimmagadda prasad offered 100 crores for bahubali2

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If the reports are to be believed, Nimmagadda Prasad hogged the limelight at the pre-release event of 'Baahubali: The Conclusion' for a strong reason. As per sources, Shobu Yarlagadda himself disclosed that 'Baahub...

Boy cheating his girl friend

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Boy took his girl friend to home and then gave her a drink that mixed with something that made the girl unconscious. Watch the video here​ to know what happend to girl.  

Shocking things in Hostel rooms

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In kukatpally hostels happenig shocking things you will be shoked after watching this. Watch the below video to know what happend in hostel rooms

Bahubhali2 acter kattappa daughter becomes heroin

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We all know very well bahubhali 2 acter satyraj in role of kattappa .satyraj was grate actor he was famous in kollywood he even acts in some Telugu films but people started recognize him from mirchi movie in that film...

Girls life in buses

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This will show you how girls are suffering in busses. While traveling to thire destination Want to know more information take a look on below video

Every girl and boy must watch this

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Every Once In A While In The Middle Of An Ordinary Life , Love Gives Us A FairyTalE..!! This Is The Story Of Two Souls and Their FairyTalE..! Its an Telugu short film named Fairytale it was really feel good short f...

Leaked rashmi sudeer video going viral on

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Most famous fair rashmi sudheeron small screen every day new gossips are spreading about them on social media thiw time one fake video was circuling social media telling that the rashmi sudeer was caught on room . ...

Usefull tips for attracting girls

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Every boy thinks in their life atleast one time that how can he attract girls . Just follow this 3 tips you will definitely attract girls . Always be clean don't be dirty because girls don't like boy who is not clean ...

This battery gives charging for your whole life

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Yes you heared right in a recent discovery scientist found that the battery made with daimond will last for 11460 years . imagine if this battery available for every one no one needs charging third mobile in there lif...

Embrasing moment for school girl in bus

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Every day school girls travelling in public transportation to go school . But what's wrong here is the girls are feeling uncomfortable. Watch vidro here to know why thr girl was feeling uncomfortable. https://m....

Women lost temparment in police station

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Furious woman strips off to just her top as she argues with police officers Watch below video to know more the Footage shows the angry woman storming around a police station in India She is nake d from the waist do...

Roja warned by girl infront of media

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Roja was asked to remain in a room as spiritual leader Dalai Lama was leaving for Hyderabad. After One hour, the police have reportedly tricked Roja they were taking her to a hotel. But minutes later, She found herse...

Boy went to meet a girl what he lerned from her will made us shock

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Boy went to meet a girl what he lerned after visiting her will made all of us shock. Its an award winning short film named The price . in future it would be our situation . must watch short film it will change your op...

College girl shocking behaviour in bus

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College Girl Shocking Thing In Bus, What She Did Is Unbelievable: This College Girl did something in the bus which u can’t even expect. Girl meets unknown person in bus and then tries to talk to him and then see what ...

girl immitating kajal samantha amazing tallent

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Watch The Video-This Girl Imitating Telugu Top Heroines Kajal And Samantha, Amazing Talent   This Girl Rocked The Stage Started Imitating Tollywood Most Popular Actress Even Pradeep Can’t Stop Laugh. http:...

Trisha leaked video will made you shock after watching

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Trisha krishnan is one of the popular south indian actress she was famous for her acting and for her beautiful face . Recently one video of trisha is gone wiral on internet. This video of trisha will definitely mad...

Hongkong millionere offering 180milliom us dollors for marrieing his daughter

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Yes you heared right hongkong business man is offering 180$ million dollors for marrieing his daughter . Do you know why he is offering that much. Hong Kong Billionaire has offered $180,000,000 to any man who will ...

Madhavi Nandi award snached away by arundhathi

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Tollywood heroine Madhavi Lata has been hitting the media headlines in the recent past for her sensational remarks.  In a recent interview to a web channel she has revealed that  she has been denied Nandi Award in 200...

Anjali playing intresting and different role in her upcoming flick

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Generally, Our Actresses have many reservations and wouldn't be willing to play certain bold roles. Concepts related to Lesbian Angle aren't to the liking of our Telugu Heroines. But, Anjali surprised everyone by taki...

Reason behind kamal hasans pending projects

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Kamal Haasan is one of the finest actors we have in India and he enjoys pan India following.  Irrespective of the succcess and failure of his films, audience will be eagerly waiting for his films. But suprising thing ...

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