The last rites of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha performed by her friend and long-term associate Sasikala has attracted a direct attack from Jaya’s niece Deepa Kumar.Although Deepa’s brother Deepak Kumar was present alongside Sasikala during the funeral, she said “I have never seen a woman performing the rituals of any person and I’m saddened by that.” Speaking to media, in this regard, Jaya’s niece suspected many doubts about her death and continued, “I’d soon bring out the conspiracy led to her death.”

In the last few days, Deepa struggled to visit her aunt at Apollo Hospital as she wasn’t allowed inside despite several trails. Even in the past, Deepa made many attempts to be in the good books of Jaya but the AIADMK supremo never gave a chance to get into her vicinity. Also, a hidden rumour has it that Deepa desired to be the political successor of Amma.


Jaya Kumar, Jayalalitha’s brother and Deepa’s father, was expelled out of Poes Garden residence in 90s’ after a brief tiff with her sister. When Jaya Kumar died in 1995, Jayalalitha paid a visit to their family in T-Nagar, Chennai. But, she skipped when her sister-in-law passed away in 2013. Jaya, who also missed attending Deepa’s wedding, reportedly gifted her a flat when the later came to seek her blessings along with husband.

There’s also a discussion underway that Jaya’s niece could approach judiciary to seek her share in Poes Garden residence, which is now under Sasikala. Deepa could apparently win this over as her grandmother (Jaya’s mother) acquired this property in 1990 for 1.36 lakhs. According to some Chennai-based real-estate experts, this property is now worth 90 Crore.



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