The thought of some combinations itself gives huge kick. In NTR’s career, his association with SS Rajamouli and VV Vinayak is written with golden letters in the history of tollywood.

see the actor in the direction of either of these two directors.

Keeping Rajamouli aside for a moment, VV Vinayak has on many occasions said that he would love to direct NTR in the sequel of ‘Adhurs’, a 2010 comic masterpiece. The discussion for a sequel has been on for a long time but Vinayak has in his latest interview admitted that he couldn’t find a story that could be made as a worthy sequel to Adhurs.

Besides this sequel, Vinayak has pulled curtains on another project. He has earlier said that someday he would direct NTR in the remake of Sr NTR’s classic, ‘Daana Vaeera Soora Karna’. However, Vinayak now feels that the project would not materialize given the rise in budgets, change in tastes of audiences etc.

Fans of NTR had very high expectations on Adhurs sequel and DVSK but Vinayak has politely distanced himself from both these projects. Some other director might have to step in if either of these films has to become a reality



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