Every comedian is off late debuting as a hero. Success as a supporting artist and identity as a comedian isn’t satisfying them. So, they are ultimately re-defining their comic timing in hero characterizations. Of course, this has been a ruling trend from time immemorial in film industry. After Ali, Brahmanandam and Babu Mohan; into the present generation comedians Dhanraj too tested himself as a failed hero.

Now, the focus is back on comedian turned heroes Sapthagiri and Srinivas Reddy. While ‘Sapthagiri Express’ is slowly losing the sheen with indefinite release date, Srinivas Reddy’s ‘Jayammu Nishchyammu Raa’ is the buzz topic in film circles. Reports say, the film has come out very well and can turn out to be a sleeper hit.

Coming to extra qualifications needed for a regular Tollywood commercial hero, Srinivas Reddy hasn’t got those flexible dancing talents or gravity defying stunt performing skills. In contrast, Sapthagiri showed his expertise in these areas in a recently released trailer. Will Srinivas Reddy confine to his heroic chances only in performance based roles like that of JNR or will he evolve as a full-fledged Telugu hero like Sunil by going for further filmy schooling? Above all, JNR’s commercial performance will be the deciding factor for his career to continue as a hero or continue as a supporting artist/comedian.



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