being a senior anchor and having the experience of hosting hundreds of shows and functions, Jhansi couldn’t control her frustration and fired on a few fans of Pawan Kalyan who were allegedly uncontrollable at the audio launch event of ‘Vangaveeti’, which was held on Saturday evening in Vijayawada.

Jhansi looked bothered with a few people, mostly fans of Pawan Kalyan, storming the dais and not getting back despite her repeated pleas. In an angry tone, Jhansi asked them to move back and give way to the guests to come on to the dais.

She asked them was that the respect they give to their favorite hero Pawan Kalyan, who is en epitome of discipline?

‘Show us how mad Vijayawada people are about movies but not in this way. You fifty people are insulting hundreds of guests with your shouts at the dais. It is quite unfortunate that the guests had to face this kind of treatment for coming all the way to Vijayawada to conduct this event, Jhansi lamented.

Needless to say that some fans of Pawan abused Jhansi on social media after this event ended.




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