Anushka Shetty also known as Sweety Shetty has proved that she has a heart of gold. While her beauty and talent are well-known, not many are aware of her philanthropic side.

In an act of generosity, Anushka said to have gifted a car to one of the drivers and her act has made many stunned.

Usually, film industry is a place where people use others and threw them once their work is done. Even if anyone gifts others in the industry, the giver might be expecting some favour in return from the recipient. But without any such expectation, Sweety apparently gifted a car.

While this has been kept under the wraps, it was hero Suriya who divulged this generous act of Anushka.

This is not all. Even Suriya revealed that he could sense that Anushka neither talks about her remuneration to producer nor about her dates. Heaping praises on Anushka, Suriya shared that he she accepts films if she likes her character and does it as a passion.

Suriya added that Anushka likes to have positivity around her wherever she goes. That’s Anushka for you folks.

Meanwhile, Suriya and Anushka starrer S3 is all set for release on Dec 23.



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