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Pm Modi plans to Deposit 15 laksh in each indian account?

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​This was told by pm modi sir in 2014 elections .Pm Modi ji Explains About The Black Money Which Is Lagging India Behind & What Can We Do If We Bring The Money Back?  Modi Also Says  If We Can Bring The...

Sreemukhi bold photoshoot for cinema chance goes viral

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Anchor Sreemukhi bold photo shoot going viral on internet take a look on it

Watch what anasuya did in Bar

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Watch this video to know , Even after watching defiantlyyou will be shocked after knowing what anasuya and rakulpreeth did in bar.

Sruthi hasan dress slipping in public !!

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Sruthi has an dress fully slipped in publick but she didt stopped her laughing even after slipping her dress

How to know whether girl is virgin or not ?

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In young age every boy gets an doubt in their mind or before marriage , that the doubt is . how to know whether the girl they are going to marry is virgin or not or the girl they like  ? Don't worry see below vid...

Male Boss Forces Female workers to kiss him every morning 

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This was happens in China according to sources an unknown company boss forces female workers to kiss him daily , before joining the company female workers need to agree for his condition. For more details see below vi...

Reason behind Rashmi Sudhir affair 

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From so many days there is a gossip spreading on Rashmi and sudheer , that they are in relationship to know about their relationship reason see this video .

Prankstar trying to kiss Kim kardesian what happen next is shocking 

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This was happend in Paris , a prankstar suddenly came near to kim kardeshian then trying to kiss her but what happebd next is shocking watch the below video to know .

See what Indian girls doing in hostel room

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Hostel rooms lo veelu em chestunaro choodandi evaru . ( stock exchange)

20 Years Girl selling her virginity in online 

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Money kosama ilaanti panulu kooda chestunaru , ee video choodandi ekkado idi jargindi telustadi

Kajal Exposing in Public

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Kajal kooda elaa expose chestundo choodandi

see what this school girls doing in class room

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Chaduvukomani pampiste veelu class room lo em chestunaro choodandi

Do You Know how much This Hot anchors charges per night

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See this video to know about our  hot anchors charges per night , we all know that anasuya reshmi very well Now time to know about their Charges per night

 First night Infront of family members Tradition !!

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This was really strange and shocking tradition , first night in front of family members God what kind of tradition is this see below video to know more about this tradition

Daughter sended a wrong  Selfie to father mistakenly what happens next is shocking 

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This was happend while a girl chatting with her boyfriends , he ask her to send a Selfie but girl sended it to her father mistakenly what happens next is shocking

Watch what this teacher asked his female student

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This is an disgusting thing I ever watched we treat teachers as a god but what happen here totaly wrong being a teacher and asking his students to do something and misbehaving with female students is not good , this f...

Watch this to know what this girl did in class room when no one is there

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This was happens in a class room when no one is there in roo this girl started doing some thing to know what see did watch below video

Sreemukhi latest video song goes viral on internet

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Anchor sreemukhi latest video song from her new movie is going viral on internet.This song was really feels good and you will fall in love with after watching it and this song was very hot too handle . take a look on ...

College Girls Turns as Record Dancers 

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College Girls Turns As A record dancers College Girls turns as recording dancers in Andhra Pradesh. These things became common in small villages. No one dare to ask about this. Government should take immediate acti...

Anupam parameswaran Exposing in public 

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We all know premam fame anupama as a cute girl now see her exposing in public her bottom wear looks like transparent

Watch This students behaviour towards their Female teacher in a Tour

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This all happend in a tour their teacher gives advantage to them they took it to next level.  They gave cigarate to teacher  watch this video you will know what happens in this tour

This is why we boys love Girls After watching this you won’t stop laughing

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This is an hilarious video don't miss this video , hahaha I can't able to stop laughing till now after watching this .

Husband beats his wife on roads for cheating

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Husband beats his wife for cheating him and made her run naked on road this was really disgusting thing ever did for him her husband should be punished for beating her

After watching this you will change your opinion on anjali

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We all know anjali as a decent and innocent girl but after watching this video you will change your opinion on anjali , we never expected to this type of things from anjali